Essteem – at the age of three he was the first Triple-Crown Champion of the World. This was the time I met him. From that on I followed his life, mostly from a distance, until the summer of 2007. At the age of 16 he became the unrivaled National Champion of Austria.

And then it happened: After being presented some months later during the Gala-Night at the 25th All Nations Cup in Aachen, Essteem was moved from Austria - to our farm in Germany.

Picture: F. Huemer, taken at La Movida Arabians

Owned by:



Today Essteem enjoys a calm and comfortable life in „Sallenbusch“, near Karlsruhe, Germany.

He is still owned by the Austrian breeders-Family Huemer from Krenglbach near Wels.





From his heightened shelter he sees everything (and every mare) and the mares have their eyes on him!




Picture: F. Huemer, taken at La Movida Arabians



Left side: Essteem on his daily walk in the morning to his paddock and pasture. With me on his side and with my my daily “Happy Esteem Smiling” on my face…



The day-trippers who are passing on the alley nearby have a little problem: Some of them almost crash into the ditch because they can nor keep their eyes off this impressing stallion upon the hill!

Picture: F. Huemer, taken at La Movida Arabians



Here, at the pastures and places in „Sallenbusch“, Essteem found a new habitat. Here he is like in the ring – the undisputed Number One!

…And we are very proud to share our life with this wonderful personality of a horse.





Essteem is outside from dawn until dusk. Sometimes quiet and contemplative under or around his shelter, sometimes making lots of action in his big pasture.

It is impressive, how charming this stallion is and we are fortunate that he shares it with us…




a stallion like a king,

with a character

of a faithful and amiable